Homework -- Arabian Nights Assignments
2 October,2017By: Anna DeRoos
Students spent today working on completing and submitting four assignments we worked on last week. This was their last opportunity to have in-class work time to complete this work. Anything that was not completed by the end of class today became homework that is due this Friday, October 6th. The assignments are as follows:

1) Arabian Nights Reflection
Arabian Nights Reflection.pdf
2) Arabian Nights Story Map #1 -- problem/solution
Story Map -- Problem:Solution.pdf
3) Story Map #2 -- beginning, middle, end
StoryMap#2- beginning, middle, end.pdf
4) Arabian Nights Summary and Analysis
Arabian Nights summary and analysis.pdf

Students who finished early had two extra credit assignments to choose from. Each assignment is worth 3 points.
1) Write a prediction for Sherezade. How do you think she'll end up? Will she outsmart the sultan and succeed in her plan?

2) Finish the story at the end of Arabian Nights that Sherezade is telling the sultan.

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