Homework - October 11th
11 October,2017By: Anna DeRoos
Today the students spent the first half of class meeting with their literature circles to discuss the Chapter 1-5 reading and comprehension questions. During this time, students were able to talk about exciting things they read, make predictions for the plot or characters, and/or get their peers' opinions about any parts that were confusing.

We spent the second half of class reading and answering comprehension questions for Chapter 6. For homework, students were asked to read and answer comprehension questions for Chapters 7-10. This assignment is due next week on Wednesday, 10/18.

Shadow Spinner Ch.6 Comprehension Q's.pdf
Shadow Spinner Ch. 7-10 Comprehension Q's.pdf

Homework: Read and answer comprehension questions for Chapters 7-10
Due: Wednesday, October 18th

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