Gratitude Journals/End of Quarter 1
15 October,2017By: Anna DeRoos
We will spend 5 minutes each day at the start of class to write about the people and things we are grateful for, to refocus our energy. My hope is that keeping these daily journals will ground the students and enable them to become more focused, productive, and happier people and students. Please click on the document below to find out more about the structure of the journals.

Gratitude Journal.pdf

Tomorrow and the rest of this week, I will hand back corrected work for the students to look over and fix if necessary to raise their grade. I am making an announcement in class tomorrow encouraging the students to login to PowerSchool to find out what their grades are and if they are missing any work or need to submit corrections.

The last day for students to submit any late work or corrections for my class is Monday, October 23rd. Quarter 1 officially ends on Friday, October 27th.

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