Homework -- Analyzing Ideas in Diverse Media worksheet
14 November,2017By: Anna DeRoos
Today in class we completed a worksheet that analyzed coverage of the Abby Sunderland rescue in three different formats -- a news article, an editorial, and a TV news interview -- by different writers who provided their own unique evidence and interpretations of the topic. Students examined the purpose and central ideas presented in each format and looked through the text to find support or evidence that backs them up.

I have provided scanned versions of the Analyzing Ideas in Diverse Media worksheet, as well as the news article and the editorial pages from the textbook. I also provided a link to the you tube video of the TV news interview.

Homework: Abby Sunderland Analyzing Ideas in Diverse Media worksheet
Due: Wednesday, November 14th

Abby Sunderland- Analyzing Ideas in Diverse Media.pdf

Abby Sunderland News Article.pdf

Abby Sunderland Editorial.pdf

Abby Sunderland TV news interview -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaetHJDtSTo 

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