Why Are We Doing This? Assignment
1 February,2018By: Anna DeRoos
In connection with what we are doing in social studies class, I asked students to look at a list of skills they should work hard to acquire to be successful in 7th grade and beyond. They were asked to pick three items from the list that they consider to be their greatest strengths and three items that they believe are their greatest areas of weakness. They will be encouraged to use their strengths to their advantage in the classroom and work on their weaknesses throughout the semester.

Respect for others
Time management
Stress management (coping mechanisms)
Being able to work independently
Being able to work and collaborate with others
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Delivering quality work
Meeting deadlines (turning things in on time)
Being reliable (somebody people can count on)
Being positive
Helping others (being a good team player)
Focusing on detail (catching even little mistakes)
Strong leadership skills
Ability to adapt and be flexible
Ability to work under pressure
Strong organizational skills
Compassion/understanding for others (empathy)

Why Are We Doing This_! Assignment (1).pdf

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