Grammar Mind Maps
6 February,2018By: Anna DeRoos
Grammar Mind Map Assignment
Part 1: Create your mind map -- Due Wednesday, 2/7
Carefully review the handout on the parts of speech. Pay particular attention to the part of speech to which you have been assigned. Design and create a mind map for that part of speech. You will begin this part of the assignment in class and finish it up for homework if necessary.

Part 2: Edit Two Mind Maps -- Due Wednesday, 2/7
Using your parts of speech handout, check two other peoplesí mind maps to be sure he/she has the most important elements represented. The mind maps you check should be for different parts of speech than the one you made.

Part 3: Group Mind Map -- Due at the end of the class period on Monday, 2/12
Work in a group of 4 to design and create a mind map that includes each of the 8 parts of speech. Be sure your group's mind map shows the connections between the different parts of speech as well as the details for each one.

Each group will present their mind map to the class. You will be graded on your presentation techniques as well as the quality and content of your mind map.

Grammar Mind Maps.doc

Parts of Speech Handout.doc

Mind Map Grading Rubric.pdf

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