Social Justice Research Report
16 February,2018By: Anna DeRoos
Today we began working on our social justice research reports. We will be working on them for the next few weeks. Below you will find an explanation of the assignment (with due dates) and links to the assignment and grading rubric. We will be working on these in class, but students can also work at home if they feel they need the additional time.

Step 1: Pick an issue to research -- Due at the end of class on Friday, February 16th

Step 2: Conduct your research -- Due at the end of class on Wednesday, February 21st
- You must use at least 8 different sources to get varied viewpoints and interpretations of the event

Step 3: Writing -- Completed Graphic Organizer Due at the end of class on Tuesday February 27th; Revisions/Edits Due at the end of class on Wednesday February 28th; Final Draft Due at the end of class on Monday, March 5th
- You must have three paragraphs:
Paragraph 1 -- describe your issue
Paragraph 2 -- explain what you’d like to see changed
Paragraph 3 -- compare and contrast how this current issue is similar to and different from The Triangle Factory Fire
- Your essay must use at least 3 different quotes to corroborate (back up) your claims
- You must type your responses; please use double space Times New Roman 12 point font
- you must revise/edit your work
- you must have a final draft

Step 4: Source Page (Bibliography) -- Due at the end of class on Tuesday, March 6th
- List all your sources using MLA formatting (even the ones you didn’t end up using for quotes)

Social Justice Report.pdf

_Social Justice Essay Grading Rubric.pdf

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