Homework: Midwife's Apprentice Ch. 1-3 Reading
27 April,2018By: Anna DeRoos
Today in class we began reading our final novel for the year, The Midwife's Apprentice. The format for this novel will be a little different since this book should be the most challenging of the three we have read this year. We will do check-ins twice a week and students will have comprehension questions and vocabulary that go along with the reading. We will not have quizzes for this book. The vocab and comprehension questions will help me to gauge whether or not students are completing and understanding the reading.

We read chapters 1 and 2 in class together on Friday, and students completed the vocab and comprehension questions for those chapters as we read. The students are expected to have read chapter 3, along with the vocab and comprehension questions by Tuesday, May 1st.

The Midwife's Apprentice Ch. 1-3 Questions and Vocab.pdf

Homework: Reading, vocabulary and comprehension questions for Ch. 1-3
Due: Tuesday, May 1st

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