Google Classroom
Monday, August 20, 2018 11:46 AM -0700By: Kris Bradburn
Students may join the Google Classroom associated with their classes by using the codes below. You must be logged under your OSA student account to join the class.

Period 1 (6th Grade English):  mcvagm

Period 2 (6th Grade English):  okfnrjy

Period 3 (6th Grade English):  wqb3ryd

Period 7 (6th Grade Social Science):  tin35t

Period 8 (6th Grade Social Science):  dxinao

NOTE: Students who enroll with their personal gmail account and/or parents who attempt to join the class as a student will be removed. Parents/guardians may sign up to receive guardian emails by sending me their email address and student's name. Please be aware that assignments marked as "late" on Google Classroom may actually have been submitted, but simply not marked as submitted on Google Classroom.

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