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Hello All,

Below you will find a schedule and outline of what to expect for Back to School Night. I look forward to meeting you all and giving you a taste of what your students will be doing and who their teacher is.

We have updated our traditional Back to School Night model into what will now be known as Academic Open House.  In an effort to make the night a more meaningful experience and to provide greater flexibility, we are moving away from the previous model of simply going through your student's academic schedule with back-to-back 10 minute periods.  From 5:00 - 6:30 pm for middle school and 5:30 - 7:00 pm for high school on Thursday, September 21st all academic classrooms will be open for parents/guardians to go from room to room and to manage your time based on your priorities.  

CC2 - Core Connection 2
5:00 Bell to begin P1 to 5:14 Bell to end P1

CC3 - Core Connection 3
5:19 Bell to begin P2
5:33 Bell to end P2

CC3 - Core Connection 3
5:38 Bell to begin P3
5:52 Bell to end P3

CC2 - Core Connection2
5:57 Bell to begin P7
6:11 Bell to end P7

Math Success
6:16 Bell to begin P8
6:30: Bell to end P8

Some teachers will be scheduling different activities or informational sessions at specific times throughout this block and will post this schedule on their blogs.  Please note that while this may provide some opportunity for parents to meet individually with the teachers, this is not intended to be used as a time for parent/teacher conferences.  If a conference is needed, you can schedule this with the teacher via email.  Due to space limitations, Academic Open House is intended for parents/guardians only and not for students.

This gives us 14 minutes per period - four extra minutes that we can use to give more of the flavor of what goes on in our classroom or answer questions.

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