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Tuesday, August 22, 2017 8:43 PM -0700By: Karen Kindblad

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Due Wednesday, 5/30:  Part One of final project

Due Tuesday, 5/29:      Part Two of final project

IN CLASS CAASPP TEST PRACTICE (Take the science practice test for high school)
                        Go to this link:  https://login1.cloud1.tds.airast.org/student/V263/Pages/LoginShell.aspx?c=California_PT 

Due Wednesday, 5/9:             Study guide on Plant Agriculture
                                STUDY FOR TODAY'S QUIZ

Due Friday, 4/13:       COMPLETE BIOME PROJECT DUE!

Due Wednesday, 3/28:  First four items in project rubric due;
                           COMPLETE PROJECT DUE FRIDAY, APRIL 13

Due Wednesday, 3/21:  Do research on potential topics for your biome project

Due Thursday, 3/15:     Study for quiz today!  (Study guide is due!)

Due Monday, 3/12:       See the link on the Google Classroom for an article to read and type and submit a 1-page reflection.

Due Wednesday, 2/21:  Study for quiz today.  Study guide due.

Due Friday, 2/16:       Climatograph packet

Due Monday, 1/22:  Work on what you are going to say when presenting your project the day of the final.  Also think about a possible title for our hallway show.


Due Friday, 1/12:  Project for our hallway installation (unless you have already turned it in or spoken with me about an extension)

Due Wednesday, 1/10:  Range of tolerance graphing

Due Friday, 1/12:       Part 2 of your project (if not already turned in)

Due Monday, 12/18:  Complete "Energy in the food web" packet if not completed in class Friday

Due Thursday, 12/14:  See my blog.  Interpreting graphs activity due if not already turned in.

Due Tuesday, 12/12:  Read Chapter 2 of a Cartoon History of Environmental Science and write an anecdote

Due Monday, 12/11:      Your 11 x 17 timeline panel is due!

Due Friday, 12/1:       Come up with other significant dates for the timeline we started

Due Thursday, 11/30:  Come up with significant dates related to your project for a timeline

Due Friday, 11/17:      Study guides (parts one and two).  QUIZ TODAY!

Due Monday, 11/13:  If you did not present last Thursday, be prepared to share out about your UN Climate Solutions award winner.

Due Thursday, 11/9:     Be prepared to share out about your UN Climate Solutions award winner.

Please complete this survey about spirit rallies:

Due Friday, 10/28:      Hurricane packet due

Due Friday, 10/27:      3 video project....writing portion due

Due Wednesday, 10/11:   Climate Refugees questions

Due Monday, 10/2:       Read "Forests and Water" from chapter 1 of a Cartoon History of Environmental Science.
                        EXTRA CREDIT:  Read AND annotate "Easter's End" by Jared Diamond

Due Friday, 9/29:       Study for quiz today!
                        Study guide due as well.

Due Thursday, 9/28:     10 questions on The Lorax

Due Friday, 9/22:       
                        Write at least one page after researching:
                        What are carbon offsets?
                        Where can you find carbon offsets?
                        Is there controversy concerning them?
                        Which ones look like ones you/your family may want to get involved with?

Due Wednesday, 9/20:  "Where was my clothing made?"

Due Monday, 9/18:       OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT:  Go to a California Coastal Cleanup event this weekend on Saturday, 9/15
                                                        Type up a one-page, double spaced, 12-pt font, 1-inch margin description
                                                                of your event and reflections

Due Friday, 9/15:       Bring in or wear an article of clothing with a label identifying the country of origin.

Due Tuesday, 9/12:      Read chapter 1 of the textbook (uploaded on Google Classroom) and answer Review Questions 1-10 on
                        page 25.  You may submit your answers digitally via Google Classroom!

Due Friday, 9/1:        Signed syllabus sheet   

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