Week Three: 9/14-9/18
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14 September,2015By: Katy Zaugg
Week Three

Breakin’ the law


Monday 9/14

CMJ: Buffalo Springfield, For What it’s Worth
Annotation guide practice  
Song Assignment Overview (due 10/5)

review paper assignment. annotate 33 Revolutions “Strange Fruit”
Assignment available on Google Classroom site
☆Tuesday 9/15

CMJ: Who is HDT?
Henry David Thoreau Pre-reading guide

finish reading guide if you did not in class *try to do a first read of the rest of the text. We will annotate tomororow, but do a first read tonight!

Wednesday 9/16

CMJ: Julia Butterfly Hill
Annotation Guide
Civil Disobedience  Henry David Thoreau

reread and annotate text.

Thursday 9/17

CMJ: Image Constellation- Connect to Own Knowledge
Civil Disobedience  Henry David Thoreau

Quiz tomorrow! On quotes and HDT notes.

Friday 9/18

CMJ: :Bikini Kill/Huggy Bear
Quiz on Quotes and reading
Civil Disobedience  Henry David Thoreau Group Analysis
Prepare for Socratic seminar Tuesday 9/22

****ALL MATERIALS AND ASSIGNMENTS ARE ON OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM SITE! Please visit your class site to download any missed handouts, assignments or watch clips discussed in class.****

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