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8th Grade Science
September 17, 2015

Back to School Night is Tonight!

Click on the link below for a blank schedule.  Students were given a copy of this to fill out in class yesterday and were also instructed to take a photo and text it to parents.  I will also have a copy of schedules for people who are unsure where to go.  My office is Rm 319 on the third floor and I encourage you to stop by.

See you tonight,

Mike Oz
High School Principal
Oakland School for the Arts


September 9, 2015

Greetings OSA High School Families,

We are now a week and half into the school years and off to a solid start.

Here are a couple of announcements to keep everyone up to date with what is happening on campus:

  • If you did not already attend Mr. Harris' “State of the School” address Tuesday night, please try to join us on Thursday in Sweet's Ballroom on Broadway at 6pm.
  • Back to School night is next Thursday, September 17th.  There will be a general APT meeting at 5:30 with Back to School Night Starting at 6:30.   A detailed schedule will be sent out next week.
  • The following Clubs are being offered for our students on campus (with more to follow):
  • Pink Club will meet Tuesdays at lunch in Rm. 204
  • Impact and Empowerment Club will meet Wednesdays at lunch in Rm. 316
  • Q & A Club will meet Fridays at lunch in Rm. 315
  • Peer Leaders' College Club will meet on Wednesdays at lunch in Ms. Kindblad's room.
Thank you all for your continued support,

Mike Oz
High School Principal
Oakland School for the Arts

August 31, 2015

Greetings OSA High School Students and Families,

I enthusiastically welcome all that are new to the OSA community, as well as, the hundreds of students who will be returning to our campus after a well-deserved summer break.  As many of you are already aware, the wonderful Ms. Shahvar will be out on maternity leave for the entire school year and I will be stepping in as High School Principal while she is out.  I am whole-heartedly embracing this opportunity, as I have spent the last 9 years dedicating hard work to help make OSA the school it is today, both as the Dean of Students and as a Math and Science teacher.  An important part of my leadership approach is to be as accessible to students, families, and teachers as much as possible and I strongly encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  I can be reached directly at 510 873-8812 or by email at moz@oakarts.org.  In addition to reaching me directly you can check the high school blog at http://teachers.oakarts.org/~highschool for important news and updates.

Over the past few days I have received quite a few questions about the first day of school, so here is some key information that I hope can help get people ready for Monday.

  • Schedules will be handed out before school starts on Monday in the Black Box on the 19th st. side of the building for high school students and in the student center on the 18th st. side of the building for middle school students.  Students can report to get their schedules as early as 7:45.  
  • The first day of school is the only Monday of the school year that will be a full day schedule.  High school students will be released at 4:15 and middle school students will be released at 3:10.  For the remainder of the school year, all students will be released at 12:50 on Mondays.
  • As for supplies, students are to be prepared to come to their academic classes on day one with essential supplies such as paper/notebook, pens, and pencils.  They will be receiving syllabi in each class with more detailed supply lists on the first day of school.  This also pertains to the art classes, as students will not be required to have all necessary supplies on day one (instrumentalists will be required to bring instruments on day two).
Each year that I have been at OSA has been stronger than the previous year and I fully anticipate this trend to continue.  The opportunities that our students have are unparalleled.  I feel fortunate that we have a gem like the Oakland School for the Arts in our beautiful city and I will do my part to help bring it to bring it to its full potential!

Thank You All,

Mike Oz
High School Principal
Oakland School for the Arts

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