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Name:   Sandra Schleimer
Birthday:       04/15/
School: OSA
Hobbies:        Me gusta montar en bicicleta y me gusta leer. No me gusta mucho cocinar.


Song:   'La flaca'
Book:   'La isla bajo el mar'
Movie:  ???
Food:   Me encanta la comida mexicana.
Quote:  ???
Web Site:       www.oakarts.org

A bit more about me
I grew up in Germany. I came to the United States with a scholarship to study in Philadelphia. After receiving my first Master's I spent some time in Guatemala working as a human rights observer. When I returned from Guatemala I got a Master's in teaching Spanish. I have been teaching Spanish (and a little bit of ESL and German sometimes) since 1999. I live with my husband and my two daughters in Alameda and I ride my bike to school every day.

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