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Math is Miraculous!
Ms. Smith's Mathography

I am very outgoing.  I'll talk to anyone, whether I know them or not.  I also love to laugh and make people laugh.  I also have an artistic side.  I love to write, sing, paint and dance (modern and just for fun).  I am the eldest of two daughters and my parents are still living.  I feel very grateful about that because they are healthy, active seniors.  I have a 21-year old son who will be graduating from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics in May of 2016.  My sister and her husband have two children so I'm an aunt of a 19-year old niece who attends Cal State Long Beach and a 15-year old nephew who loves playing football.  Before I was a teacher, I did technical support for sales staff in banks working with on-line banking products.  I also worked for AT & T selling cell phones to businesses and their employees.  I also worked for a company that was similar to PayPal.

I have always loved Algebra because I think it is like a puzzle!  Growing up, I had very mixed experiences with math.  Depending on what else was going on in my life, (socially), I was able to focus on math and generally understand but at other times, I was distracted and didn't do well at all.  When I was in middle school, I was in classes where I didn't focus on math much.  I joked around with my friends and didn't pay attention to my teachers.   When I got older, really regretted my choices.   What I disliked most what when the teachers showed they didn't care whether or not I learned or not.  The funny thing is, I ended up getting a Bachelor of Science in Math after starting college as a dual-degree Engineering major at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA.  My best math experience was having a college professor, Dr. Shah, who cared so much that I learned the material that she let me come to her house for tutoring so I could pass Differential Equations and graduate from college.  That was 30 years ago and I still tell the story.  It meant so much to me that she was wiling to explain things more that one way.  

I had NO IDEA I'd ever end up as a math teacher!  I love teaching math because I love helping students learn and hearing how they think and reason and explain in ways I've never thought of that help other students understand.  I am still learning new technology to use with math on my iPhone and my laptop.  I would use an iPad too but I don't have one.  

I get distracted when people are having side conversations when I'm giving information to the class because I don't want any student to miss important instructions they will need.  Students can help me be a better math teacher by asking questions when they don't understand.  I am happy to help after school in my office if students want one-on-one help after they've tried to work with their teammates.  My goal this school year is to show students who have either struggled with math or have not felt challenged, that they can experience things they've never imagined.  

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